Congregational Learning with Matt Burke and Ben Tapper

Matt Burke and Ben Tapper join Mike Palmer to talk about what we can learn from the congregational experience especially in light of the transformative times we’ve been living in. Matt and Ben work for the Center of Congregations in Indiana and cohost its podcast providing tools and educational resources to congregations across the state and beyond.

We look for parallels and opportunities that come from examining online learning and digital delivery in congregational contexts and explore how to embrace difference while modeling tolerance in an ecumenical way. Ben and Matt share their journeys to this point in their professional lives as we explore the importance of adaptability, relationship-building, and theological hospitality in providing great learning environments. We also dive into how to build welcoming, evolving congregational spaces that provide equitable access to a wide and diverse audience. It’s a meaning-rich conversation that you won’t want to miss.


For more information, you can check out the Center’s resource guide.

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