Celebrating 400 Episodes and the Future with Robin Naughton, Mark Sanders, and Mike Merrill

We celebrate our 400th episode of Trending in Education by welcoming three key contributors to the show through the years.

To begin, Mike Palmer welcomes Dr. Robin Naughton to the show for her third on-air appearance. Robin is Mike’s wife and shares unique perspectives as a listener, a contributor both on and off the air, and an Assistant Professor, Web and Digital Services Librarian at Queens College in New York.

Then Dr. Mark Sanders joins Mike to provide his takes on how the show has evolved through the years and how it intersects with his focus on media literacy, civic engagement, and public philosophy.


And finally, we conclude with Dr. Mike Merrill joining Mike to impart what it’s been like for him getting plugged in behind the scenes as an editor and contributor to shows of late. Mike also delves into his perspectives on AI and other emerging technologies before we conclude with a quick conversation about 2U’s recent acquisition of EdX.

Great podcasts are built on the contributions of amazing folks like Robin, Mark, and Mike and we couldn’t have gotten this far without them and without you, our listeners. Thanks for joining us for the ride and here’s to all the amazing things yet to come. To the Future!

If you enjoy what you’re hearing subscribe to Trending in Education wherever you get your podcasts. And visit us at TrendinginEd.com for more great shows like this one!

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