Building Access Pathways into Healthcare with Dr. Joanitt Montano

Dr. Joanitt Montano is the Provost and Senior Vice President of Academics at The College of Healthcare Professions. She joins host Mike Palmer in a conversation about her experiences designing academic programs in the healthcare professions for adult learners in Texas at CHCP. We hear what led Joanitt to Allied Health as we dig into who takes part in her programs and how she measures success through completion and job placement.

We look for lessons from her experience training educators to deliver hands-on training in healthcare professions through the pandemic years and into the present day. Joanitt shares her thoughts on emerging trends in healthcare and healthcare education in the coming years. She shares impressive results on program completion across traditionally underserved populations in research CHCP has done with Rice University. We talk access, belonging, and more in a conversation about delivering real job pathways that fill urgent needs in today’s rapidly changing healthcare learning ecosystem. Don’t miss it!


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