Best guitar stands of 2022

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Best overall

String Swing Guitar Stand


Crafted from ash wood, this handy stand holds up to six electric guitars.

Best for bass guitars

Hercules Auto Grip Guitar Stand


This adjustable and foldable stand is designed for large instruments like the electric bass and cello.

Best wall hanging

String Swing Guitar Hanger


Save space and show off your guitar with this handsome wooden wall-mounted stand.

The best guitar stands on the market today provide the right amount of support for even the most fragile instruments, keeping them at once secure, at the ready, and out of the way. Stands come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate classical guitars, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitars, and even cellos, with form factors that range from space-saving wall hangers to large multi-instrument floor stands. 

Guitars are meant to be played, so stands are a great alternative to case storage you’re looking for convenience and accessibility. While they don’t provide total protection from the environment, stands stabilize instruments and lower the risk of damage from falling or tipping. Like the best pedalboards, they help keep musicians organized, and they create an attractive alternative to bulky and unwieldy guitar cases. To help you find the best option, we’ll go over the best guitar stands for every type of guitar and unpack some key things to consider when shopping for a stand.

Best overall: String Swing Guitar StandBest folding: Amazon Basics Guitar Folding A-Frame StandBest wall hanger: String Swing Guitar Wall HangerBest for bass guitars: Hercules Auto Grip Guitar StandBest for classical guitars: Ruach Wooden Acoustic Electric Guitar Stand

How we selected the best guitar stands

Guitar stands aren’t a one-size-fits-all product category, but they’re close to it. The main variations in guitar design come from the body depth, neck length, and headstock width, which must be reflected in a guitar stand’s design for adequate support. This list of stands ensures that every shape and subtype of guitar is covered, from bass guitars to classical guitars and everywhere in between. A variety of interior design needs were also considered, as instrument stands require floor space or wall space and tend to be a visual focal point due to their role in displaying instruments. In general, we picked stands that take up little space while in use, in storage, or both; minimizing bulk is key to having quick access to your instrument when inspiration strikes. We also opted for aesthetically pleasing wooden stands where possible, which will blend into a wider variety of decor.

The best guitar stands: Reviews & Recommendations


Best overall: String Swing Guitar Stand

String Swing


Why it made the cut: Compared to alternatives made of black metal and foam, this stand is a stylish and durable piece that will look great just about everywhere.


Weight: 8.6 poundsProduct Dimensions: 30.5 x 25.5 x 14 inchesMaterials: ash wood, rubber

Pros: Cons: • Large capacity• High-end price point• Sturdy hardwood construction• Requires user assembly• Design fits in easily with furniture

String Swing is a well-established company based in Wisconsin that’s known for its handcrafted wooden guitar stands and hangers. This multiple guitar stand for electric guitars is made of solid ash wood and holds up to six electric guitars or three acoustic guitars, which rest at an angle against a padded steel yoke and upon two strips of rubber at the bottom. Apart from being visually pleasing, this one allows users to keep an eye on their guitar collection and retain direct access to multiple instruments in a relatively compact space.

This stand is a bit heavy, but that comes with extra stability that’s crucial for holding multiple instruments. It does require a small amount of user assembly involving fastening pieces together using a drill or a screwdriver, but an instruction sheet and all required screws are included. If you need a secure place to store multiple guitars but you aren’t keen on shelling out for a premium product, the Fender Multi-Stand is a secure and relatively minimalist alternative that comes in three-guitar and five-guitar sizes.

Best folding: Amazon Basics Guitar Folding A-Frame Stand




Why it made the cut: This folding model has a slim and unassuming silhouette that belies its ability to secure both electric and acoustic guitars of varying depths and widths.


Weight: 3.53 poundsProduct Dimensions: 16.5 x 12.5 x 13.5 inchesMaterials: steel, foam rubber

Pros:Cons: • No assembly required• Prominent branding subtracts from the aesthetic appeal• Folds to a small size for easy storage and transport• Fixed arms may cause asymmetrical instruments to sit crooked• Accommodates electric and acoustic guitars

A simpler design there isn’t, but that’s the core appeal of this folding A-frame stand from Amazon Basics. It takes up very little floor space while providing a comfortable place to rest any acoustic or electric guitar. Thanks to its lack of an upper frame, this stand also takes up very little visual space, so it’s a great choice for placing on stage or setting up in the corner of a bedroom. Its sturdy steel frame uses a locking pin that’s fairly easy to adjust, offering users three widths to accommodate a variety of guitar designs.

Aesthetically, this stand leaves a bit to be desired; its combination of prominent branding and a black industrial steel and rubber finish makes it less suitable for interior design than a subtler wooden option like this stand from Donner. Furthermore, its support arms are rigid and don’t swivel, so asymmetrical instruments like the Fender Stratocaster sit lopsided when placed in their most secure position.

Best wall hanger: String Swing Guitar Wall Hanger

String Swing


Why it made the cut: This wall guitar hanger gets major points for build quality, with a style and finish that make it appear more like a housing fixture than a storage solution.


Weight: 5.8 ouncesProduct Dimensions: 4 x 1.875 x 5.75 inchesMaterials: hardwood, rubber

Pros: Cons:• Stylish hardwood finish• Too narrow for classical guitars• Improved yoke design prevents instruments from slipping forward• Requires user installation and only includes basic mounting hardware• Great for small spaces• Low profile too close to the wall for some guitars• Allows instruments to decorate walls


If you’re leaning toward a guitar wall hanger as a storage solution, you may be trying to save floor space, proudly display your instrument, or both. This wall hanger from String Swing sports all the style and durability for which the brand is known, featuring solid wood construction, metal hardware, and a soft swiveling rubber yoke. Unlike black plastic and foam offerings on the market, this guitar hanger comes in several wood finishes and blends in with furniture, interior decor, and architectural details to naturally integrate your instrument with the room itself.

The hanger comes with all the hardware required for stud and drywall installation, but you’ll need to bring your own hardware if you’re mounting it on a different material like plaster, brick, or metal. Its yoke is also fairly narrow, so you’ll need to go with a different mount model if you’re hanging a wide-necked instrument like a classical guitar. We also found that while its shallow depth is great for saving space and keeping guitars close to the wall, guitars with dramatically angled headstocks or bulkier tuning machines often scraped the wall when mounting and unmounting.

Best for bass guitars: Hercules Auto Grip Guitar Stand


Why it made the cut: The Hercules AutoGrip stand is one of the few options that accommodate longer instruments, with a height that’s suitable for hanging everything from electric bass to a cello.


Weight: 4.4 poundsProduct Dimensions (folded): 27.9 x 6.1 x 4.3 inchesMaterials: steel, plastic, rubber

Pros:Cons: • Neck holder automatically locks around guitar• Wide yoke not ideal for small instruments with narrow necks• Quick-adjust height mechanism extends to 45.3 inches• Occupies a fair amount of space when deployed• Soft rubber at all contact points• Collapses to a compact size for easy transport

Not every guitar stand can hold a tall instrument like an electric bass, but the AutoGrip from Hercules has all the features to do it the right way. Making height adjustments is easy thanks to its quick-action clutch, which allows the stand to reach a maximum height of 45.3 inches. The head yoke locks automatically around instruments when weight is applied and opens quickly when they’re lifted, which adds another layer of instrument security without requiring user intervention.

Despite its size, the entire stand collapses to a reasonably small shape when it’s time to pack up. Bear in mind that this stand keeps instruments in place using an angled, leaned-back design, which demands a little more floor space than the average competitor when it’s open. The yoke is also able to accommodate most average acoustic and electric guitar necks, but wide-necked instruments like classical guitars won’t fit.

Best for classical guitars: Ruach Wooden Acoustic Electric Guitar Stand



Why it made the cut: This wooden option has a wide yoke to accommodate the uniquely wide necks of classical guitars and has looks to match.


Weight: 4.94 poundsProduct Dimensions: 11.8 x 9.8 x 40.9 inchesMaterials: mahogany wood, metal, foam

Pros: Cons: • Stylish furniture-esque design• No cushioning for the back of your guitar• Heavy, sturdy base• Narrower headstocks might rest on their tuning pegs• Wide neck holder is a perfect fit for classical guitars

Classical guitars feature wider-than-average spacing between strings, which requires being constructed with an overall wider neck. Finding a stand that can support the unique shape and delicate construction of a classical guitar can be tricky, but this option from Ruach is designed specifically with classical guitars in mind. It’s made from durable mahogany and has a sleek silhouette and a glossy finish that are sure to complement any classical guitar or other elegant wide-necked instruments. It has a generous 39-inch clearance above the ground, making it a good option for long instruments as well.

This wooden stand is incredibly stylish and would be welcome in any living room, but the manufacturers sacrificed padding in favor of keeping the design visually clean. As a result, instruments have a tendency to knock against the shaft of the stand when being placed or retrieved. The wide classical-sized yoke is also too big to adequately support normal guitars, which may end up resting on their tuning machines.

Things to consider before buying a guitar stand


What type of guitar is it for?

The most common types of acoustic guitars and electric guitars will be well-served by a stand like the Amazon Basics Folding A-Frame Stand, which accepts both types of instruments and has three adjustable widths. Classical guitars have wide necks that require wider stand yokes, so opt for the Ruach Wooden Stand or the String Swing Classical Hanger if that’s what you’re playing. Most bass guitars will fit on most guitar stands, but they’re longer than standard guitars, so make sure you’re getting a stand with an above-average height like the Hercules AutoGrip.

Do you have multiple guitars?


If you have more than one guitar, the best way to save space is by using a dedicated multiple guitar rack like the String Swing Stand. Unlike individual stands which begin to eat up floor space when used in multiples, and guitar cases which tend to be bulkier than the guitars themselves, an integrated multi-instrument stand stays relatively compact by accepting guitars at an angle.

What type of space do you have?

Keeping instruments on display with a stand is nice, but it requires floor space. Guitar players working in apartments or other small spaces may prefer a compact guitar stand like the Amazon Basics Folding A-Frame Stand, which takes up very little floor space. To save even more space, you may want to use a String Swing Wall Hanger and keep your guitars off the ground altogether.



Q: Should I keep my guitar in its case or on a stand?

The answer depends on how often you play your guitar. Environmental factors like dust, humidity, lack of humidity, and coastal air can affect guitars over the long- term, so a case may be better than a stand if you’re not handling and cleaning your guitar at least once a week.

Q: Are guitar stands worth it?

If you play your instrument regularly, then a guitar stand is more than worth it. Guitar stands allow players the ability to access their instrument at a moment’s notice while still keeping them relatively secure without the need to tamper with a bulky case.

Q: Can I use a guitar stand for a bass?

If the stand is tall enough, absolutely. The best guitar stands offer adequate support to your instrument, so it’s important to select a stand that’s tall or heavy enough that a larger instrument like a bass won’t fall over. Many guitar stands are able to accommodate basses, but if your instrument is exceptionally long, you may have to buy a larger stand.

Final thoughts on buying the best guitar stands

Finding the best guitar stand for your instrument depends on your personal style and the type of guitar that you’re looking to store. Look to a wall-mounted guitar hanger or a folding A-frame stand if you want to save some floor space, or opt for a taller, wide-yoked stand if you play classical guitar or bass. Stands are a great alternative to cases because they provide a secure way to store your instrument while keeping it on display and close at hand.

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