Advancing Social Mobility Through Public Education with Kristin Kearns-Jordan

Kristin Kearns-Jordan, the CEO of The Urban Assembly, joins Mike this week to describe the career-themed approach to public education that is driving social mobility in 23 schools in New York City. We begin by hearing Kristin’s origin story and career arc which has led to her current role with The Urban Assembly. From there, we dive into the mission and educational philosophy of the organization and its schools, which is all about career relevance and social mobility. Kristin describes how The Urban Assembly’s approach is making an impact in her students’ lives by showing them how their public education ties to their longer term college and career paths. We discuss the impact of Black Lives Matter and COVID-19 on public education and emerge with a sense of optimism despite the suffering and genuine peril students and families are facing this year. As we conclude, Kristin spotlights the screening of entry into public schools in New York as something that limits diversity and subverts the true goals of public education. She suggests that in light of the events of this year, there are genuine opportunities to open up access to address many of these inequities and deliver more quality, career-relevant education to all students.


Thanks as always for listening. If you want to learn more about Urban Assembly, visit .

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