A Deeper Dive Into Universal Design For Learning with Lillian Nave

Lillian Nave is a Senior Lecturer and UDL Coordinator at Appalachian State University. She’s also the host of the Think UDL Podcast. Lillian joins Mike Palmer and guest host Dawn DiPeri on this deep dive into UDL and other trends Lillian is noticing from her vantage point in inclusive education.

Lillian shares her origin story which began in art history, moved to freshman seminar, and ultimately landed in UDL and Faculty Development. She outlines three trends she’s noticed in light of the pandemic: a move away from exclusively in-person conferences, a move towards greater flexibility, and a move away from campus amenities like climbing walls and lazy rivers when assessing the quality of the learner’s experience when making decisions about higher education.


It’s a fantastic deep dive on the trend of UDL with passionate advocates for truly inclusive design thinking being applied to educational practices in higher ed and beyond.

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