A Conversation with Jeanne Allen, Founder and CEO, Center for Education Reform – Trending in Education – Episode 144

This week, we welcome Jeanne Allen, Founder and CEO of the Center for Education Reform, to the show to discuss school choice, innovation, and more. We dive into CER’s history and goals on a national, state, and local level. Jeanne shares her views on what’s wrong with our education system and how CER believes these problems can be fixed. She discusses where her organization spends its resources and time, as well as how they may find common ground they with folks on the other side of complex issues in educational policy and reform. 


We talk through what school choice means as CER sees it and what could help to provide all students with high quality education. As CER celebrates its 25th anniversary, how might the next 25 years play forward for this organization and for learning and education as a whole? Tune in to find out!

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