A Conversation With Dr Paul Reville, Author of Broader, Bolder, Better

Mike engages in a fascinating discussion with Dr. Paul Reville, a Professor of Educational Policy at Harvard Graduate School of Education, Founder of the Education Redesign Lab, and former Secretary of Education for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Paul recently wrote a book titled Broader, Bolder, Better: How Schools and Communities Help Students Overcome the Disadvantages of Poverty.

We discuss why we have historically avoided the topic of poverty when establishing educational policy in the US. We also explore how reframing the context for education as something broader and more community-based opens up opportunities to fundamentally change how we think about education. This will help prepare the rising generations for the transformation of work that is on the horizon with the onset of the new industrial revolution we are beginning to see with the advent of automation and machine learning.


Paul walks us through several case studies that expand the focus beyond the traditional triangle of Teacher, Student, Content which has been prevalent in education in recent years. Thinking more broadly (and more boldly) opens up opportunities to address educational challenges in ways that are more holistic and integrated into the support systems of the community.

It’s an important conversation and we very much appreciate the opportunity to speak with Dr. Reville about this critical topic to the future of education.

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