A Comparative Look at the Roots of Racism with Dr. Terri Givens

Dr. Terri Givens is a Political Scientist at McGill University and CEO/Founder of Brighter Professional Development. Terri returns to the show to join host Mike Palmer to discuss her new book, The Roots of Racism: The Politics of White Supremacy in the US and Europe.

We explore a comparative approach to understanding the history of racism in the US and Europe spanning all the way back to the 15th Century up through George Floyd and the pandemic into the current geopolitical landscape in Europe and the US. We also discuss how Terri is using her platform to develop leaders with an understanding of the importance of diversity and encourages personal growth through empathy.


Listen in for an enlightening perspective on hugely relevant topics that you won’t want to miss. And if you enjoy this conversation, join us at SXSW EDU where we’ll be recording a live episode on Monday March 7th.

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