5 STEM-based TED-Ed Lessons to close out your school year

School days might seem as if they move at a glacial pace in the countdown to summer break. Some schools have already closed, while others have a couple more weeks left. Teachers who still have classrooms full of students can use TED-Ed Lessons to liven up these last days and highlight students’ different personal interests.

The TED-Ed platform is especially cool because educators can build lessons around any TED-Ed Original, TED Talk, or YouTube video.

Once you find the video you want to use, you can use the TED-Ed Lessons editor to add questions, discussion prompts, and additional resources.


Use these TED-Ed Lessons for brain breaks, to introduce new lessons, or to inject some fun and engaging conversation into your class.

1. Why does smoke follow you around a fire? Imagine: you’re having a good time around a fire when out of nowhere, smoke blows straight in your face. Naturally, you get up and move to get out of the way. But suddenly, the smoke is blowing right back in your face! What’s going on? SciShow explores the physics of smoke. 

2. The bees that eat corpses: Bees are quite beneficial little critters: pollinating flowers, making honey, and also… helping corpses decompose. SciShow explores the species of vulture bees.

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