3 ways teacher community supports STEAM education

After the abrupt school closures in March, teachers have been on a constant back and forth outlining what online learning, in-person lessons, and hybrid approaches will look like moving forward.

As the STEAM lead for 21 school districts in Iowa, I’ve seen plans change as the various districts in my state weigh our local government’s requirements. While we entered the school year with a sense of uncertainty – and continue to face uncertainties even as we settle into new routes – what is certain is the importance of continuing our student’s education regardless of whether it is online, in the classroom, or a hybrid of both.


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That’s why I’ve turned to an online community of fellow STEAM educators to exchange various perspectives and approaches to continue teaching in a hands-on way – even when students are six feet apart. As educators of various subjects and grades, we face different, yet similar challenges as we navigate the school year. I’ve come up with a few ways that teachers can band together to create a network that offers new perspectives, team collaboration, and understanding.

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