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Martin Bengtsson attempted suicide as a young footballer. Now, his story is changing conversations around mental health in football

Most sports films end with some moment of triumph. “Chariots of Fire” with Harold Abrahams and Eric Liddell overcoming prejudice and their underdog status to become Olympic champions; Rocky wins the adoration of the crowd and declares his love for his girlfriend; Billy Beane’s Moneyball strategy is vindicated.

Decline In Ethereum Futures On CME Suggests Institutional Investors Are Still Bearish

Institutional investors have been bearish toward Ethereum for a while now. There have been outflows rocking the digital asset until it ended its 11-week streak with inflows for last week. However, this does not mean that positive sentiment had returned entirely to the cryptocurrency once more. The numbers on the CME show that institutional investors […]

How Foresight Ventures Is Approaching Investments in the Current Market Environment

The Foresight Ventures founding and partnership team includes veterans of some of the top financial and technology firms dedicated to sourcing and supporting the next generation of disruptive innovations across Web3. They believe the future is multi-chain and thus the chains that find product market fit will all need partners to help expand their ecosystems. […]