Mum divides opinions after admitting she hates her kids – she’s even considering putting her daughter up for adoption

IT’S NO secret that it can be hard to parent your kids once they become moody teenagers.

But one mum was so fed up that she admitted she was considering putting her daughter up for adoption.

GettyThe mum said she had grown to hate her own daughter[/caption]

The mum starkly divided options after she confessed to hating her 14-year-old daughter on Mumsnet.

She explained that her teen was “the most selfish and self-centred person I know.”

Despite always trying her best to be reasonable with her kids, the mum felt her daughter didn’t appreciate her hard work.

She said: “I am not the best mum in the world, not by a long way, I can shout and swear, but I don’t get drunk, do drugs or hit my kids.

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“I have always considered myself to be fair and thoughtful, I support and encourage them, but when they are rude I am quick to tell them so.”

As the mum and her husband were both recovering from coronavirus, their daughter was totally uncaring, according to the Mumsnet user.

“She has offered no help around the house at all, hasn’t once said how are you feeling today Mum, all I get told is I’m putting it on and then she asks to watch her TV,” she continued.

Although she admitted to not wanting to, the mum revealed that her daughter’s behaviour had resulted in her really disliking the teen.


Even trying to calmly discuss her attitude didn’t work, resulting in the mum growing more and more hopeless.

Dealing with her moody teen was just one of the things the mum had on her plate, in addition to a full-time job, cooking, organising clubs, looking after elderly parents and making sure school work gets done.

“She gives me back chat and just turns to her phone, walks out the room and upstairs,” the mum explained.

“At that point I might shout, because I have had enough.

“I do everything for them, for her, teenager or no I expect a little respect and consideration back.”

When the mum admitted that she wanted to put her kids up for adoption other parents chimed in.

One said: “suggesting that you want to put your kids up for adoption suggests to me that you don’t really want to engage with the issue or change yourself, you just don’t want to have to put any effort in.”

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A second wrote: “She is a teenager. Your experience is shared by millions, including myself when mine were teens.

“Yes, it is sh*t but it will pass. Eventually.”

GettyThe girl often clashed with her mum over her attitude[/caption]  Read More 


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