Mrs Hinch fans share the easy ways they get pen stains out of clothes and their hacks are perfect for school uniforms

THERE’S nothing quite as annoying and realising your pen has leaked all over your white shirt, or your kids coming home in their brand new school uniform covered in pen marks.

You might think there’s no way to get the stains out if the washing machine doesn’t do the trick, but you’d be wrong.

Facebook Mrs Hinch Made Me Do ItThe Mrs Hinch fan shared a snap of her work uniform covered in pen stains[/caption]

Fans of cleaning queen Mrs Hinch recently shared their best tips and tricks to get rid of the pesky stains, and they’ll make everything look as good as new.

This comes after one user posted the the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It after got bright red pen stains on her work uniform.

She wrote: “I accidentally washed my student nurse uniform with a pen inside the pocket and it’s leaked all over it.

“Does anyone know if I can get this out and how?!”

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Luckily, not all hope was lost for the white uniform and the keen cleaners had some genius solutions.

According to the cleaning fans all the student nurse needed was some common beauty products.


One explained: “Soak with hairspray or nail polish remover and then wash. It may need more than one wash but it will shift it.

A second agreed that hairspray works like a charm, “Soak with hairspray or nail polish remover and then wash. It may need more than one wash but it will shift it.”

Although hairspray seemed to be a winner for loads of the cleaning fans, others suggested using good old fashioned bleach.

One said: “One of my work colleague wears white and she did the same thing, she dabbed bleach on the pen marks left it for a bit then washed all came out.”

And another wrote: “Flash spray with bleach spray on white area only allow it to soak in for 20 minutes then put it on a 60 wash, it happened to me in the top pocket when I was a student with blue ink and it worked.”

GettyThere’s an easy way to get rid of pen stains on uniform[/caption]  Read More 


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