I’m a fashion expert – two common coat mistakes that are making you look overweight during fall

JUST because summer is over that doesn’t mean you need to hide your body under layers of bulky clothes.

A fashion expert has revealed the common coat mistakes that might be making you appear shorter and wider.

Instagram user Kelly McCoyd shared her styling tips for trench coatskellymccoyd/Instagram

kellymccoyd/InstagramKelly showed her followers how to tie their trench coat belts to avoid a boxy look[/caption]

Instagram user Kelly McCoyd shared her two trench coat styling tips which will make you look instantly slimmer and taller.

For her first styling suggestion, Kelly advised her followers to use a belt to emphasize their shape when wearing trench coats.

“Tying the belt back adds polish, so that the belt isn’t loose and hanging behind you,” she explained.

The fashion expert continued: “Once the belt is tied back, the coat goes from boxy and oversized to having a little bit more shape and definition throughout the body.”

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“I find this to be especially helpful when wearing an oversized item,” Kelly added.

The Instagrammer’s second tip involved matching the length of your coat with your outfit.

The fashion pro demonstrated a common styling mistake by pairing a shorter trench coat with a long dress.


She explained: “This thigh length trench coat is too short when paired with the midi length dress. The shorter length creates an added horizontal line that divides the body.”

“The shorter [hemline] just feels awkward and misfit against the dress. When swapped for the longer trench, the hemlines of both the trench and the dress are similar,” Kelly continued.

The Instagram user detailed: “Having hemlines that are similar in length helps maintain a single vertical visual line. That single vertical visual line is more elongating and overall flattering.”

Instagram users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the advice.

“I made mistake two on Saturday, and now I need a second trench coat,” wrote one viewer.

Another person said: “Both fab tips! Totally use number one as I love my oversized vibes and it completely transforms my new trench coat that otherwise swamps me!”

“Tying in the back seems so obvious, but I would never have thought of that!” commented a third user.

The fashion expert demonstrated how mis-aligning hemlines can cut your shape in half, and make you appear shorterkellymccoyd/Instagram  Read More 


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