I Tried Cameron Diaz’s Clean Wine Brand, and It Was Love at First Sip

At the start of the pandemic, I got really into making charcuterie boards – and of course, searching for wines to pair them with. I’ve tried many different wines over the past two years, and when I heard about actress Cameron Diaz and entrepreneur Katherine Power’s foray into the wine business, I was immediately intrigued.

Diaz and Power’s wine brand, Avaline, has a variety of wines to choose from – red, white, rosé, sparkling – and they’re vegan-friendly, made from organic grapes, and free from unnecessary additives and added sugar. The Avaline website also says their wine is transparently-produced, so you know exactly what’s in your glass – something I appreciated after checking my other wine bottles (spoiler: other wines I had at home did not have ingredients lists or disclose nutrition facts). Before learning about Avaline, I assumed that wine was just fermented grape juice, but it turns out that wine isn’t inherently clean. There can be a lot of undisclosed colors, concentrates, and other extras you wouldn’t expect.


Avaline was my introduction to clean wine and the brand’s commitment to transparency resonated with me, so I knew I had to give it a try when I was given the chance. Keep reading for a review of Avaline’s trio bundle of white, red, and rosé – also known as The Essentials ($72).

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